What is an equest?

Sometimes you just cannot find the information you are looking for.  At those times, submit an equest or electronic request and we’ll get it done for you.

The point behind an equest is to put people in touch with each other that can help each other.  One is looking for something, the other can make it or otherwise supply it.

You could pass the right person in the street, how would you otherwise know?  You could be a friend, a relative, know someone who knows someone, but otherwise, if the right person is a “stranger” you pass in the street, you might not otherwise know…

You might also not have the time to find the right info, leave it to equest.co.za and we’ll get it done for you.

An ideal situation electronic request is one that puts the right people in touch and can ultimately save time and effort importing a product, cut down on carbon emissions and keep money in the country.  Many products currently being imported are now overpriced due to currency fluctuations and other circumstances beyond our control.  Let’s get manufacturing SA!